St. Paul’s has a strong music program thanks to gifted staff and active participation by many members

Sanctuary Choir


Sanctuary choir is a group of men and women who love to sing, have fellowship and praise God!  Not only do we get to sing together, but we sing GREAT and meaningful music: classic, contemporary, gospel, spirituals. Singing experience and expertise are not required, only a desire to enhance worship each week.

Rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, and Sunday mornings at 8:30am in the choir room. The choir performs most Sunday mornings at the 9am service.

Interested in joining? Contact Ellen Montgomery or the Office or just come to a rehearsal.

"I LOVE this Sanctuary choir."

St. Paul’s Pealers


St. Paul’s Pealers is a wonderful, supportive, hard-working handbell choir who expresses their love of God in a unique way. We are a group who meet challenges every week. We do this with gladness to ring those bells in high praise of what God has done for us. Because each person is responsible for ringing certain bells, this is a team effort to make beautiful music for scheduled special Sundays and events. Along the way there are friendships made, encouragement given and great camaraderie is had during rehearsals. 

Rehearsals are held each Tuesdays at 6pm each week from Labor Day to Memorial Day. Performances are on select Sundays at 9am services and other special services.

Interested in being one of our special ding-a-lings, talk to one of our director Carolyn Anderson, one of the members, or contact the Office.