St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Come walk with us…


Life’s travels can be joyful or tear-filled, tranquil or difficult, energizing or exhausting. Whatever they are, they’re better when taken with others…and with God.


Worship Times

Traditional worship with music, holy communion and a meaningful message.

Activities are provided for children of all ages during worship. Bible Stories & Playtime for age 3 to grade 1, quiet activity bags for babies and toddlers, and volunteer opportunities for elementary and middle school kids.


Our understanding of God

We believe that all are children of God, made in his image. God’s love comforts and strengthens us; Jesus modeled how to love each other and take care of God’s world.

This is Christ’s Church. There is a place for you here.


Our impact near and far…

St. Paul’s family is generous and compassionate in service.

We work to fulfill our mission through the many missions we support.


Walking with kids

Your children are welcome in worship when you visit us. We consider the sounds of children (even loud ones) a “holy noise!”

Join us for fun activities for families every month.


Reconnecting to community

Pastor Mark Rollenhagen is a former newspaper reporter and editor with a passion and calling for helping traditional congregations reconnect to people in their changed communities.

He believes that the Lutheran emphasis on God’s love and grace and our understanding that we are called to love all of our neighbors has a vital role to play in renewing urban communities struggling with issues of race, poverty, education, mental health and pollution. Sharing the life-giving hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ — in both what we say and in what we do with our hands and feet — leads to renewal.

Pastor Mark began his ministry with the people of St. Paul’s in in October 2018 after serving seven years as mission developer and redeveloper in a first-ring suburb of Cleveland. He and his wife live in Waukegan with their cat and a big, old labrador retriever who spends a lot of at St. Paul’s as well.

STAFF Pastor Mark (no robes).JPG