St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Come walk with us…


Life’s travels can be joyful or tear-filled, tranquil or difficult, energizing or exhausting. Whatever they are, they’re better when taken with others…and with God.


Worship Times

Traditional worship with music, holy communion and a meaningful message. Quiet activity area for children near the worship space.

WEDNESDAYS at 7PM - no worship July 17 & 24
Casual worship with holy communion & discussion of the week’s readings. In the summer we may worship at parks or other locations. Check here for location details.


Our understanding of God

We believe that all are children of God, made in his image. God’s love comforts and strengthens us; Jesus modeled how to love each other and take care of God’s world.

This is Christ’s Church. There is a place for you here.


Our impact near and far…

St. Paul’s family is generous and compassionate in service.

We work to fulfill our mission through the many missions we support.


Walking with kids

We haven’t forgotten the children!!!

Yours are welcome in worship when you visit us, and there is a mighty (if small) Sunday school class for them, too. 


A new trailblazer at St. Paul’s

Welcome to Pastor Mark Rollenhagen! It took a year of careful, thorough, and wise study and reflection for us to find each other, and here we are.

Pastor Mark’s recent experience is in shepherding small, struggling, urban congregations. His philosophy is that we should not cling to the past “just because we always have” but to be honest what no longer works, no longer serves. Instead one must boldly search. Working in Cleveland he encouraged two small congregations to find energy in exploring and expanding. What can be the growing Lutheran vision?

Pastor Mark has the boldness and imagination to “practice what he preaches.” He’s a mid-life career shifter, a whole new direction finder.

His first field was journalism; imagine the special skills and insights about communities he brings to us.

We are eager to share encouragement and hope with him.

STAFF Pastor Mark (no robes).JPG