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June 19, 2019

'Return to your home...'

I always feel sorry for the pigs in this week's Gospel reading (Luke 8:26-39).  Couldn't Jesus have dispatched those demons without inflicting them on the pigs and drowning them?

But there's a lot more to think about here than those poor pigs:

- Note that this story takes place across the Sea of Galilee from Jesus' usual travels -- in fact, "opposite Galilee" in a land of Gentiles (non-Jews).  And note the reaction of the people.

- Why are the people so afraid?  What are they afraid of?  Fear in the presence of the divine isn't unique to this passage, especially in Luke.  Think of Mary's reaction to the appearance of the angel Gabriel or the "terror" of the shepherds when an angel appears to tell them of the birth of Jesus.

- Imagine how the man who was rid of the demons felt when he begged to follow Jesus and Jesus tells him no.

What's going on here?  And what does this story have to say to us about our relationship with the world today?  We'll give some thought to that tonight at 7.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Mark

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